Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What is the Big Blue Pedaler?

Short answer: The most exciting and fun activity in Lexington!  It’s a 13-person pedal powered trolley on wheels (sometimes referred to as a party bike or cyclepub) with a certified BigBluePedaler conductor in the captain’s seat. Perfect for pub crawls, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, shopping/brunch outings, company outings, brewery tours, sightseeing, themed nights out- the possibilities are endless!  We have shade, music, bass, lights, cupholders, storage, and even a motor to help us up those pesky hills or when you get super tired.

Question: How old do I have to be to ride?

We all have families and we strive to be a family and community focused business.  Folks 18 and up can book their own seats, folks 12 and up can ride as long as their parents book and come along for the tour!

Question: Is it safe to ride the Big Blue Pedaler?

Big Blue is the safest cycle trolley on the market.  It features rack and pinion steering, suspension with coil springs, hydraulic disk brakes, rear view mirror & horn, LED lights, turn signals, brake lights, emergency brakes, emergency flashers and running lights.  It also has under counter lights, upper cabinet lights, ground effect lights and a state of the art electric assist motor.  The Big Blue Pedaler is an all American made bike that is handcrafted by the best certified welders in the fabrication business.  We offer all riders the option to accept or decline wearing a helmet during their tour as well.  So jump on and have FUN!!!

Question: Should I tip my driver?

Absolutely, that's how they make most of their money.

Question: Who designed and manufactured the bike?

The Big Blue Pedaler was designed and manufactured in the US using US sourced materials by ATEK Customs, visit their website -

Question: Can you bring the bike to our farm, business or event?

Absolutely!  We love catering to private parties or providing contracted shuttle services for private & public events.  Call or email us for details.

Question: Why would I want to book a tour with Big Blue?

Because you are adventurous and like trying new things!

Question: What is the top cruising speed of the Big Blue Pedaler?

While riding, the wind will blow back your hair at an astonishing speed of 5-8 MPH!

Question: Does the Big Blue Pedaler have music?

You betcha!  We have a high end sound system with subwoofers and all.  Of course depending on the time or location of where your tour takes you, we might have to turn it down a tad.  You can bring along your own device and playlist, or we'll provide the music for you.

Question: Can I bring decorations?

YES!!!  Banners, balloons, streamers etc are encouraged.  It's your party.  We even welcome business banners if you are renting for a corporate or teambuilding event.  Just make sure it's simple and easy to put up, and it can't interfere with the operation of the bike.

Question: What if I get too tired to pedal and what about those hills?

No worries, we have an electric assist motor that will help on the hills or get us back home if you are too pooped to pedal.

Question: Who is responsible for personal items?

You are.  Big Blue provides on board, overhead storage for your goodies, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Question: Can we use the Big Blue Pedaler to help raise money for our charity work?

We love giving back to the community and helping others in need!  We will be donating a portion of our profits to charity, but if you want to sponsor or rent the bike for your fund raising event, we do offer discounts.  Please call or email us for more details.

Question: Can I bring food or drink on the tour?

Yes, but you must consume drinks from our handy dandy complementary Big Blue Pedaler cups, because we like branding!  Absolutely no glass bottles and no liquor/shots/mixed drinks on board.  You are responsible for any and all cleanup, but we will provide trash bags.  You can bring and fit a medium sized cooler onboard.

Question: What if it rains?

Here in Lexington, the weather doesn't stop us from having fun!  We operate rain or shine!  The rainy rides are sometimes the most fun.  We only cancel tours if there are unsafe conditions or a hurricane is coming.

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